34 rare historical photos that could change your perspective on things

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine what life would have been like in the past, and just by living like our ancestors without all the comforts we’re used to, this idea seems almost surreal. However, thanks to the invention of the camera, we have the opportunity to peek (even if only for a moment) into the lives of more or less important people who lived before us. These people are immortal in the changing hands scenes. Please raise your hands and share them online.

Indeed, important moments from the past captured in many historical photos have the ability to show us changes in things and situations, and despite the passage of time, sadly, the persistence of these challenges and struggles still exists. On the Internet you can find several pictures that show the difference in life. Looking at the photos below is like a real journey through time.

Here are 34 rare historical photos that could change your view of things:

# 1 The interior of an airplane in 1930

# 2 03/09/1967 – Stockholm: On this day Sweden switched from driving on the left side to driving on the right side. In the image below documented the disaster at the opening of the circulation

# 3 – Albert Heinstein in the company, on his left, of his secretary Helen, while on his right, his daughter Margaret, as they become US citizens in order to avoid returning to Nazi Germany in 1940.

# 4 – the romance in the 50 Here immortalized a first date unknown between a couple in the United States, it was the year 1950.

# 5 – the festive crowd fills the entire Times Square in New York City , it is May 7, 1945 and the surrender of Germany is celebrated

# 6 – Photo taken during the battle of Saipan, where an American soldier cuddles a wounded Japanese child and keeps him with him in the cabin of an airplane to avoid the rain, waiting for the child to be sent to a field hospital. July 1944

# 7 – In the 60s in Istanbul the bars hired staff to bring drunk customers back to their home, the basket with which the customers were loaded was named “The Drunk Basket”

# 8 – 1991: The Princess of England, Lady Diana, shaking hands with an AIDS patient without gloves

# 9 – The last ever photo of the famous scientist Nikola Tesla, dated January 1, 1943. Tesla died 6 days later.

#10 – 1961 – A German soldier helps a child to cross the Berlin wall so that he can be reunited with his family <

# 11 – The nine kings of Europe photographed together for the only time in history, it was the year 1910, it was May 20th.

# 12 – Louis Armstrong plays in Egypt for his wife, in 1961

# 13 – November 22, 1944, the liberation has been 2 days and this was the welcome of the French at the sight of the American troops

# 14 – During the second world war the statue of Michelangelo’s David was covered with concrete and bricks to prevent damage from bombing

# 15 – A little Freddy Mercury, with his mother, in 1947

# 16 – Michigan, United States, 1996 – Keshia Thomas, just 18, from a demonstration of superiority to the whole world, protecting a man who believed himself associated with the Ku Klux Klan from an angry crowd of protesters.

# 17 – 1914/1915 – A soldier of Serbian origin sleeps exhausted together with his father who had joined him on the front line near Belgrade

# 18 – November 1918, First World War: a wounded Belgian child is comforted by a Canadian soldier

# 19 – Less than four months after the Supreme Court ruled that apartheid was unconstitutional, Charles Thompson greeted his new classmates at a public school in September 1954. Charles is the only African American child in school

# 20 – Jakob Nacken he was the tallest soldier in the German army during World War II. In this photo you can see Nacken (2 meters and 21 cm tall) talking with Canadian corporal Bob Roberts (1 meter 60 cm tall).

# 21 – Between 1900 and 1910, some employees of Cuban cigar factories were hired to read novels, poems, non-fiction works and newspapers for workers because they were mostly illiterate

# 22 – Ruby Bridges was the first black girl attending an elementary school for whites, in 1960

# 23 – 1945 – American soldiers return home

# 24 – Anne Frank’s father in 1960 while revisiting the attic in Amsterdam, where he hid from the Nazis with all his family

# 25 – March 1944 – in the midst of the war, Vesuvius exploded with a gigantic eruption, observed here by US planes

# 26 – December 15, 1941. Ruth Lee, a Chinese restaurant employee, waved the Chinese flag to avoid being mistaken for a Japanese while sunbathing in Miami. At that historical moment Japan and the United States were in conflict during the Second World War.

# 27 – 1918 – A San Francisco policeman scolds a man for not wearing a mask during the Spanish pandemic

# 28 – 1931 – the mafia hides his face during the trial of Al Capone

# 29 – In 1977, George Willig climbed the exterior of the World Trade Center South Tower. He completed the climb in 3.5 hours and climbed the highest peak one floor at a time. After signing several autographs, he was arrested and fined $ 1 and 10 cents (one cent for each floor of the building). It was renamed “Human Fly”

# 30 – During the Second World War Queen Elizabeth was trained as a driver and mechanic

# 31 – This photo represents a nuclear explosion. The photograph was taken less than a millisecond after the detonation

# 32 – This photo represents the very first Nintendo headquarters in Kyoto and was taken in 1889. At the time, Nintendo was always involved in games, but instead of the classic videogames we know today, it produced board games.

# 33 – New York, 1939, a man is arrested for disguising himself as a woman. At the time that kind of conduct was not tolerated and was punished with jail

# 34 – Jewish prisoners after being released from a train bound for the death camps, where they would have been sentenced to certain death, we are in 1945 and the war is about to ending with the definitive surrender of Germany and the consequent victory of the allied troops.