Take a look at this incredible story of an unfaithful love

Ben and Ashley, who hail from England, are close enough to be nicknamed “The Bashley” by friends. Their connection is so unique and special that it makes people believe that “forever” exists. But they could be wrong.
The photo above represents a perfect and happy family, but they still don’t know that all this will change.

A very close couple

In third year of high school, Ashley was instigated by Ben, symbolizing the greater unity and love between the two. Therefore, “Bashleys” had their first child right after graduation.
In August they took Jill out into the world.

Temporary accommodation

Ben and Ashley were happy with the new arrival, but found themselves unprepared.
Indeed, Jill’s arrival was a really big surprise, so unfortunately they didn’t have time to find suitable accommodation, and as they lacked the money to buy a new house, they decided to move in with Ashley’s parents along with theirs. very happy parents. New family.
This way, Ben and Ashley will have the opportunity to start a new life more easily.

A new beginning

Living in Ashley’s parents’ home is a great help. When parents take care of their children, Ben and Ashley have the opportunity to focus on their work and finally have enough money to make money to keep their jobs.

New love nest

Therefore, a year later, the happy couple were able to rent a house not far from Ashley’s parents, and finally had the opportunity to raise Jill in a brand new place.
Ben and Ashley have found a home that suits their needs and their family’s needs: they are young, they are 19, but they are ready and eager to build and pave a new path together.

Home Sweet Home

Although they couldn’t afford the best and most expensive furniture, they managed to fix the house in the best way without making Jill lose anything. In fact they managed to find a good price in a thrift store, therefore, They also managed to decorate the house according to their preferences.
Everything went according to plan in this happy family.
Therefore, the couple decided to be ready to take a decisive step


In the hot summer, Ben asked for the hand of Ashley, whom he had always dreamed of, spent several months at the wedding banquet with the newlyweds, immersed in wedding preparations and prepared for the best day of their life For the perfect couple, this will be the happy ending perfect.
Therefore, on a summer day in July, in July, the two who were only 21 years old suffered a sharp decline.

New birth

The wedding took place on a beautiful summer day, it was a great gathering and many guests contributed to Ben and Ashley’s happiness.
After the festive wedding, Ashley became pregnant again and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Laura, 9 months later.
Therefore, Ashley decided to quit her job to take care of the family and be able to raise Jill and Laura in the best possible way.

Perfect life

Ben spends most of his time in the office, but still earns enough money for Ashley to stay home and take care of the girl.
The couple also decided to buy mortgages.
These two people seem to be living a perfect life and it seems that nothing is missing.

Extended family

For many years, Ben and Ashley have decided to bring two more children into the world after settling down and going through many hardships. This is their dream. They have always dreamed and their goal is always to have a big family. It is a good choice. Luke and Lloyd knew that any baby can bring so much happiness, so they were born early.
But things seem destined to change ..

The first problems

But, like all good things, face reality right now. With such a large family, you would have to work twice to maintain family life and maintain a proper lifestyle. Although initially there was a sense of happiness, this situation affected the harmony of the couple and this harmony began after 10 years of life. break.
The two lovers no longer seem as intimate as before.

Things are changing

Slowly, the two began to drift away from each other, so their relationship and feelings were no longer the same and began to change.
Although Ashley is no longer so busy with the girl she is now in school, she finds that the life of a housewife she is engaged to seems to be more difficult than expected.
Therefore, once again the betrothal and engagement between Ben and Ashley found himself forced out of social life.

New affinity

As time passed, Ashley began socializing with the parents of her daughter’s classmates.
Among them is Kevin (Kevin), perhaps he is going through a difficult period, perhaps for this reason Ashley immediately felt very close to him.
From the beginning there has been a strong complicity and attraction between the two, perhaps due to the difficult situation that both sides have experienced.

Secret appointment

Therefore, during Ben’s work, Ashley and Kevin apparently kept dating secretly, and the more they got to know each other and spent more time together, they built a strong and lasting bond, which is hard to avoid now.
Kevin and Ashley live in a parallel story, full of emotions that, unfortunately, Ashley cannot do without.
Their friendship, if you want to call it that, has now entered another phase.

Ashley’s double life

Kevin has no commitments with any woman, and lives more peacefully than Ashley who truly lives a “double life”: on the one hand, since heaven, on the other, is right with Kevin It has a special attraction and Kevin (Kevin ) has a secret relationship with him.
Then a question arises: Does Ben suspect anything?

The suspect

One day, Ben decided to return an hour from work to spend time at home with his wife.
But in that moment, Kevin and Ashley had one of their classic meetings at her house.
What if Ben knew his wife’s secrets?
Therefore, Kevin decided to hide under the sofa cushion, hoping that he would not be noticed.

Moments of family peace

After Ben arrived home, he was very happy to find his wife and four children waiting for him. Finally, in the moment of family peace, no one was busy doing anything else like a truly happy family.
Therefore, this decision is determined to make this rare moment immortal.
He held the camera and set the selfie mode.

Family portrait

The children ran and sat on the sofa, so their parents joined them. It was a good time, because the last family photo they saw together was taken before Luke and Lloyd were born.
After taking photos and having lunch together, Ben returned to the office.
Ben was happy with the time he spent with his family, so he decided to print and compose the photo that day so he doesn’t forget that wonderful moment.

Too many people

Once the job is done, Ben decides to collect the photos he’s been waiting for.
Ben looked at the photo and found there was a problem: the person under the sofa was someone he had never seen before. Ben was scared, with tears in his eyes, trying to explain who the man was and what he was doing at home.
I couldn’t believe his eyes, I still haven’t found the whole truth …

When the truth comes out

After Ben returned home, he immediately sought an explanation.
With tears in her eyes, Ashley told him what had happened, told him about deep feelings with another man, and did not hesitate to file for divorce instantly.
Benlian thought twice and finally decided to leave his things, left him and lived with him for 10 years, leaving behind many memories and a large family, destroyed by his eternal companion.

There is still hope

Ben decided not to stay home with Ashley for the night, which was ruined by what happened when he arrived at the hotel and stayed overnight. He thinks this is the right choice, and now he is a desperate person.
This is how the magical love story that made so many dreams come true seems destined to end.
But maybe, for Ben, there is still hope ..


Ben was shocked by what had happened and decided that the best way to forget was to have a drink at the hotel bar, hoping that at least the drink would ease his pain at that moment, so he went to the bar and started drinking.
He kept thinking about his beautiful family: his love affair with Ashley and the good time he spent with his beloved children.


So far he was a wounded person, but despite this, he decided to cheer himself up, but still did his best to enjoy the night that seemed to be bad. Ben noticed her too, she seemed an interesting girl, in Ben’s eyes she was also very attractive.
She has brown eyes and is very beautiful.

A good find

The girl approached him and confidently asked the bartender to give her the same drink of wine.
Ben was surprised that he had tried to put the pain aside and become reality for a while, after all, he felt he had no other choice.
Her name is Laura and that night Ben and Laura spent a lot of time together talking and exchanging ideas.

A new beginning

After a long chat at the bar, the two now decide between themselves to go to their room.
It was a passionate night and it distracted Ben from what was happening.
Indeed, it was love at first sight between the two.
Therefore, Laura helps Ben forget his pain and become the reason for his happiness, and Ben (Ben) is happy again with a woman who could deserve more in return.