The 20 main magic tricks finally revealed

We all liked magic when we were young. How a magician turns the impossible into reality before our eyes! Of course, as we get older, we realize that magic doesn’t exist and we must have some skill. But that doesn’t mean we can explain what we see! For the first time in history, we have revealed how wizards perform these famous techniques. If you think you know everything, you might be surprised. Time to get the chopsticks out!

1. Trick: walking on water

Designed for street magic shows, you can see how it walks on water, attracting the attention of thousands of passersby. He became a symbolic figure: a man who seemed to achieve the impossible in front of the Palace of Westminster. Bring the representatives of the Bible back to the modern world. Find out how it works on the next page …

Explanation: walking on water

Magic is all about performance and this man hasn’t let anyone down. As you can see from this photo, he did nothing but walk on the plexiglass box placed on the river. Are you surprised? Since it is physically impossible to be in the water, this is the only logical explanation we have seen. However, it’s really impressive to do this job in public without anyone seeing you!

2. Trick: Levitation

Walking down the street, a man was attracted to this man who seemed to be floating in front of him. How comfortable is it? Many people stopped and stared at him for a few minutes, and even took pictures with him. While touching is not allowed, you can certainly wave your hand to try to understand how it is held. Do you want to know how it is done?

Explanation: Levitation

As you can see, someone has designed a system that appears to hang in the air. Everything is assembled, the man just leaned on a chair leaning against the back of the chair, the back of which was connected to the sleeve. It feels like sitting on a chair! This is truly enlightening! Have you seen it before?

3. Trick: the assistant cut in half

It is one of the most famous spells in the world. The magician put his assistant in a box and cut it in half in front of the whole audience.
But that is not all! Depending on the situation, this technique usually works at its extreme. Sometimes the boxes are completely separated when they sway across the stage. How do magicians and assistants perform this technique? Let’s find out now …

Explanation: assistant cut in half

The magician is helped by his assistant, that’s for sure. But he is not an assistant, there are two! Yes, there are two assistants in each box. This means that the leg we see from one side does not belong to the assistant’s face we see. If you think about it, it makes sense …

4. Trick: the floating miss

The floating woman (or any object) is one of the simplest and most impressive tricks. Just when you think you know the trick, the magician takes it one step further. Suddenly, he grabbed a big circle and pushed it! How is it possible? Of course, there must be a reasonable explanation for performing this “magic”. We will find it on the next page.

Explanation: the floating miss

It’s very simple. The assistant simply lay on a table raised by a pole and the audience could not see him. And the circles? Well, the magician can easily orient himself in the circle so that it appears that he is circling around the woman. In fact, it was performed twice to make sure it stopped on the pole that supported it, and then returned to its original position. The circle will never bypass the assistant.

5. Trick: Pull a rabbit out of the hat

We think all knowledge about magic can be linked to this particular technique. Throughout the performance, the magician wore a hat. But what will happen next? He just waved his magic wand in the air and a real rabbit came out! Why did the real rabbit suddenly appear? Here, we try to find on the next page …

Explanation: Taking a rabbit out of the hat

That little animal can’t stay in the hat all night, so be sure to keep it there. But when? Therefore, as we have seen here, the rabbit is actually hung on the table and conveniently stored in the pocket. So, with a little skill, you can quickly toss it in your hat before you find it! I am happy to know that magic will not harm the welfare of animals!

6. Trick: Cut a coin in half with your teeth

The trick works as follows: He usually asks a volunteer to give him a small coin. Once he has a coin he likes, he will suddenly bite it! Did you cut it in half with a coin? We think no one does. Copper alone can withstand many pressures. So how does it do it? Actually, really?

Explanation: Cut a coin in half with your teeth

The magician who bit the coin is absolutely impossible to cut the coin in half, so he must have a fake coin. They are easy to find in the magic shop. But does it look like a coin given by a willing public? This is a scam and a trick. As we said, magic is primarily a performance issue.

7. Trick: twist a spoon

Before you know it, he gives him a special massage and something truly amazing happens. It looks like he bends the spoon to his liking! With a simple, gentle pulse, the spoon appears to melt and twist completely. Could it have been a magician who did this? Well, let’s see …

Explanation: twist a spoon

Here’s how it is: what can’t we see? This is just another example of tricks. The magician placed a small silver object similar to a spoon in his hand. Then, through practice, “bend” the spoon in one direction while holding the other end by mistake. This illusion will deceive anyone who watches it closely.

8. Make up: The Zigzag

Even if the assistant is not completely separate, the way the box moves will give the impression that the central part of his body has been removed. This is a common fantasy in live performances, when the audience can see the guide move and spin a box with many stages. But can it be cut this way? obviously not! Let’s see …

Explanation: The Zigzag

The truth lies in the shape of the box and in the choreography of the two protagonists. This box is actually deeper and wider than it looks. This means that assistants can enter areas that are invisible to the public. So when the box moved, he simply put the body in the correct position.

9. Trick: Piercing a body

The magician will climb to the top of the stage and overcome all the laws of gravity by carefully balancing the top of the mountain. Until he stabbed him! Then we saw the magician turn over the tip that pierced him. Without the smiles and cheers of the audience, this seemed like a horrible scene. How did he do?

Explanation: To pierce a body

Indeed, the magician can be comfortably placed on a platform that supports his weight. Some advice? It came from a system placed on the chest. Of course, it is important to remember how dangerous this technique is, even if no peak actually passes through his body. Don’t try it at home!

10. Makeup. The floating cup

It’s like he’s using a normal cup and floating it in front of us! We know this is impossible, something has to make it float in the air. We will find out how it works. Once you understand how street magic works, you can also perform this trick.

Explanation: The floating cup

By looking at the makeup from a new perspective, you can see how simple the makeup is. All you need to do is drill a hole in the side of the cup and hide your thumb inside. The rest is up to you! This is your chance to shake the cup and make it look like it’s floating. Before practicing, try this technique and impress your friends the next time you have a coffee.

11. Trick: Sword swallower

Attention, sensitive souls, do not hold back! The magician will swallow it with a long and strong sword on the street or on stage!
After a few seconds or minutes, the magician will easily delete it the same way. But how does it do it? Is it a skill we learn at home and then show friends? Let’s see how this trick is done …

Explanation: sword swallower

It turns out that this is no bait at all! In fact, this is very real and can only be completed after months of serious training.
After the magician has ideally positioned himself, he puts the sword in his throat. It goes without saying that this trick is really dangerous and no one in the house should try it. Professionals who know exactly what they are doing will perform this magic. But even then, the consequences of small mistakes can be fatal.

12. Trick: The “Smooth Criminal Walk.”

We’ve all seen the video, and Michael Jackson and his dancers are unlikely to bow to seemingly deceptive trends.
The smooth video of the criminal dance is spectacular in many ways and is arguably one of the most memorable parts. But how are they prone to this? We know that moonwalking is already very mysterious, but it feels like real magic! So let’s see how they choreograph the performance and manage to move like this …

Explanation: The “Smooth Criminal Walk.”

Michael Jackson has a lot to do, but relying on this ability unaided is not one of them!
It turns out that he needs special shoes specially attached to the floor. This pair of shoes has a triangular notch on the inside of the heel for the fixing screws protruding from the floor. Then, using the strength of his upper body, he leaned forward and was held in that position. While this is a deception, it is still impressive!

13. Trick: a card inside a whole lemon

Most of us have seen several variations of this technique. We will now focus on extracting the magic behind the distinctive notes in lemons.
As shown in the photo, Jamie Ravens made this technique famous during the 2015 British “Got Talent”. The crow looked like he was slicing a lemon and pulled out the ticket hidden inside. How does it do it? Let’s take a look at the situation behind the scenes and find out.

Explanation: A card inside a whole lemon

We know the lemon didn’t grow from it, so the wizard must have put it in.
But when? Well, this appears to be another example of dexterity. If you take a closer look at this technique, you will find that the lemon goes out immediately after pulling out the bill. Why should he do this? The fact is that it hides a previously cut hole in the lemon. Out of distraction, he put the note in the lemon when no one seemed to read it. Jamie, it was sneaky, but we caught you!

14. Trick: Smoking at your fingertips

We have to admit that being able to do this is very nice. Let’s see what happened. Usually, magicians amaze the audience by rubbing their fingers and blowing smoke from their hands. Let’s see how it’s done, because we all know that there is nothing real in the King of Illusion!

Explanation: smoking within reach

First, let’s take a look at the configuration. If you want to try it at home, you need a matchbox.
Find the scraper on the side of the box and carefully remove it. Then fold it in half and burn slightly. Once the fire has been safely extinguished, collect any remaining debris. This is the phosphor, which we will use to illuminate our fingers. All you have to do is rub your fingers and then snap them together. Don’t forget to wash your hands after makeup to avoid eating this chemical.

15. Trick: make a dove appear

First, let’s take a look at the configuration. If you want to try it at home, you need a matchbox.
Find the scraper on the side of the box and carefully remove it. Then fold it in half and burn slightly. Once the fire has been safely extinguished, collect any remaining debris. This is the phosphor, which we will use to illuminate our fingers. All you have to do is rub your fingers and then snap them together. Don’t forget to wash your hands after makeup to avoid eating this chemical.

Explanation: to make a dove appear

Everything comes from somewhere, especially living things. So let’s break this trick: the bird has to appear where the magician needs it. For this, he needs to divert his attention. When performing this technique, it is common to see lightning or smoke that quickly distract the audience. At this point, the magician will slip into his secret pocket (or handy compartment) and pull out the bird that has always been there.

16. Trick: Turn water into ice

The magician used a glass of water and then explained that he wanted to put ice cubes in the glass.
What happens next is what makes the makeup so interesting. It turns out that his cup suddenly contained a bunch of ice! We know that water won’t turn to ice in seconds, so what happens next? Let us try to discover this incredible secret.

Explanation: Turning water into ice

This is a magic trick, you need props to perform it yourself.
Therefore, plan to have something that can absorb the ice and keep it cool. Yes, you guessed it. You will need a sponge to do this. After pouring the water into the glass, use a sponge to immediately absorb all the water. Then, it only shows the ice cubes that have been in the glass. It looks like the water immediately turned to ice.

17. Trick: Go through a man

This is one of the most famous tricks performed by illusion stars like David Copperfield.
The wizard used only a lighted curtain and walked up to a wall, appearing to enter the wall directly. When the curtain is placed on the other side of the wall, it appears to move to the other side. Can anyone cross the wall? Most likely not. Therefore, we need to understand how to perform this magic.

Explanation: Go through a wall

The solution is obvious. It obviously won’t go through the brick wall.
We know it didn’t jump off, so in fact we can only do one thing: go through the tunnel under the wall. True: it is probably a fake, so the wizard can slip into the tunnel under the wall and exit the other side. If you think about it, it’s so obvious!

18. Trick: Guess the name of a celebrity

All magic is not purely physical. There are many techniques for exploring the mental abilities of wizards, one of which includes mind reading and divination of names.
This technique involves writing a celebrity’s name on paper and sealing it in an envelope. He then filled the hat with many other names suggested by the public. After that, the magician will be able to predict the names in the sealed letters. But how?

Explanation: Guessing the name of a celebrity

This is a very simple technique to do during a meal or with a group of friends. Just write down the name of a very famous person.
For example, you might think about actors in movies that just came out or appear frequently in the tabloids. So when guests yell their names to fill their hats, look for the name you wrote down. After a few tries, I hope they have guessed correctly and you will already have written answers.

19. Trick: Make the Statue of Liberty disappear

This magic seems absolutely impossible!
David Copperfield has a famous trick: he sits in front of one of America’s most famous landmarks. Then, after a brief introduction, he made the Statue of Liberty disappear completely. Due to the statue’s popularity, this is one of the most famous examples of disappearance. We suspect he is not allowed to move it. Now let’s see how he did it.

Explanation. Make the Statue of Liberty disappear

In fact, David Copperfield never moved the statue. However, he fooled the entire audience!
The audience (and the film crew) absolutely did not know they were sitting on a turntable, like a turntable. When the curtain went up, the audience started turning around … minutes later, the audience slowly moved to a place completely invisible to the statue. Therefore, when it looks like the Statue of Liberty is moving, it is simply moving the audience!

20. The circular saw

David Copperfield may have made this magic even more famous.
This is the most visual and scariest version of the so-called half-up women’s makeup, for good reason. Obviously there is neither box nor mirror. Installation is simple: put one person on the table (no divider or box) and the large circular saw cuts directly into the center of the body! Is the public really witnessing this massacre?

Explanation: The circular saw

Of course not, that’s not true! Although the first example we saw earlier illustrates how to use two assistants, there is always one person on the table here.
However, what makes this magic trick different is the way the legs are presented. These are not real legs! In the photo, you can see examples of artificial legs used by the magician and his assistants. You will notice that most of the time the legs will not move.