The story of a marriage born on the web has changed with this photo sent on Whatsapp

All phones are equipped with cameras and it is very easy for people to exchange multimedia messages in various ways. For example, people can use social media and chats like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook to send any number of photos to anyone they want. The Portuguese couple choose to do this every day. The woman you see in the photo below did it! The husband was surprised, everything evolves in unexpected ways.

This woman, Iris, is a perfect person that many people can describe, she is simply a wonderful person, which means she will not get attention for her manners and beauty. But she has always been very shy with men and has never used her beauty to achieve anything. Her friend suggested applying for a blind date.

It Match!

In today’s world, dating apps like Bumble and Tinder are very popular. Casual dating often turns into a beautiful love story. Iris created her profile, but the initial invitation was not good, nor did it match her masterpiece, until Thomas appeared on the list. Seems to be a perfect person! Iris immediately put her in first place!

The meeting

After a long phone conversation and writing each other at night, the two decided to meet up for a walk and get to know each other. The first date was very emotional, they met at the bar, they drank a lot, they talked a lot, everything was fine, the girl was very happy to have agreed with him.

The spark bursts

The first date was enough to make him realize that there is something magical between the two of them. They have many common hobbies, they love to travel, walk, read a good book and dream of a happy life. They stay together other times until they decide that there is something serious between them. Love is born and they are very happy.

The surprise trip

Thomas was fascinated by Iris and, a few months later, he decided to organize a wonderful trip, which surprised her. No one has ever given her such a beautiful gift. Thomas has decided every detail to make their journey as perfect and unique as their love. Iris didn’t realize this surprise, Thomas was good at keeping secrets until she told him this day.

The marriage proposal

Although this relationship has only just begun, when the journey began, Thomas knew he loved her and wanted to spend his life with her. Despite being shortly after the first date, he decided to go on a romantic trip to tell his feelings and asked her to marry her. A very brave boy!

The request he had always dreamed of receiving

Iris felt that it had all happened quickly, but she also liked him a lot. This is why when Thomas took the courage to ask to marry him, he was very happy and decided to give him an emphatic “Yes!” She couldn’t believe her life had changed so quickly, and it was a pleasure to meet Thomas. Just two months ago, Iris was dating someone and wondered what her future would be like.

The marriage

The two got married early, which was good because neither of them wanted to have a big party. The wedding preparations are short and everything is perfect. Iris and Thomas reached a consensus on everything, but the most important thing is that they celebrated the wedding they have always dreamed of, the wedding included only them and those considered close.

A fairytale start

The marriage started very well and the two were very friendly with each other. They do many things together, giving the impression of having known each other for a longer time. Everything is perfect and they get along on many things. They often go out on weekends. Then Thomas’s work gave him a hint, and for the first time it changed.

The next steps

Thomas is ambitious and realistic, Iris is beautiful and sweet, I am the prototype of the perfect couple. Together they are the forces of nature, supporting each other in all aspects. No one would have thought this relationship would be in danger. However, from the outside, things always look perfect.

The roof on which to build the family

After spending the first six months of the most romantic love movie together, the couple decided to own their own home. They no longer live in an apartment and have bought a house with a mortgage. They keep in mind the house of their dreams, it is not difficult to find a house, in fact they found it very quickly.

News in sight

The relationship between Thomas and Iris is going well, they love each other and feel very lucky to meet, but unfortunately Thomas’s job is at risk. The company he worked for had to cut costs due to the crisis and Thomas lost his job as a result. Despite being a model employee, the company fired him.

Finance management

Since Thomas was unemployed, the couple did not have the stable income they had before. They had to fasten their seat belts, so they started reducing the number of trips to save money. It is difficult for two people to give up passion, but it is necessary. This has led to many differences between the two decided by the national financial management department, which is very different from six months ago.

Job search

Thomas made every effort to find a job as soon as possible. Every day he submits a large number of resumes and reads job advertisements on the Internet. He went into the employment office for more opportunities and was very positive, and he knew that sooner or later he would start working again because he had plans to get rid of this unstable situation. He wants to go back with his wife!

Keep moving

When Thomas was working, Iris didn’t see him much. He is an insurance agent, which means he is always on the go. Although she is happy to see him often, finding him in the caa all day must have changed her habits. As for the previous situation, the good thing is that he made a lot of money because he is very good at the job and he likes it!

The routine during the weekend

During his work, Thomas does not want to see his wife, if he is, he will always be with her and would take her. He loves the iris very much, even if it is a minute away, it looks eternal. This makes him feel inside every time he leaves her. The two only had a chance to meet on weekends.

The complicity of the wife

Although distant, Iris has never stopped supporting Thomas in his work. He made a lot of money and decided he wanted to show her his love for her in his own way. After all, love also means supporting each other and helping each other in the darkest moments. Their love story was strong and no one and nothing could change their relationship. They would go through it all together.

The choice

One day Thomas was in a hotel room. Iris sent him a message that made him move, words full of love and support, she loved him with all her heart and felt very happy to have married her. He considered leaving a pleasant job to spend more time with her. He was usually tired on weekends and couldn’t enjoy time with his wife Iris.

The messages and the distance

The couple often quarreled when Thomas was around, the distance is always difficult, but with love everything is resolved. Iris wanted to help, but sometimes she didn’t know the right way to be close to her husband. One day she sent a message to her husband, used nonsense words and desperation dictated them! This can happen even in the best couples!

The new job

Thomas knew he was good at what he did, he started working as a young man and had a good education, becoming more and more competent and qualified. In his career he has attended numerous training courses and further training courses. Thanks to his qualifications, he was confident he could find a job close to home, be closer to his wife, and earn a drink to afford a nice home. He couldn’t wait to tell Iris.

digital communication

During the week, the two communicated via digital means, texting each other around the clock to keep up with their lives remotely. They chatted every day and couldn’t wait for the weekend to get together. When Thomas was free, the couple always exchanged photos. Once he had something unexpected before he started writing how his day was going.

Casual encounters

On some weekdays, Thomas visited the coffee shop after business hours. It was a way to distract and relieve the work and stress of distancing himself from his wife. He was away from Iris, who always told her how much she missed him. Having a drink can be a good way to clear your head and think about the best way to deal with the problem of distance. Sometimes he had pleasant conversations with the women he met there.

Nothing serious

A few days before Thomas was ready to break the news to Iris, one evening he met a woman in a bar as he went out for a drink. It was a chance meeting, but it was a good opportunity to talk to someone and get different opinions on his decision as he had just received his salary so he invited the woman to drink.

A faithful husband

Although he enjoyed talking to the woman a lot, he realized that after a few glasses of wine they were creating a complicity that perhaps would have been misunderstood. Although the lady was very good and the interesting remained. He loved his wife and his love for Iris was deep. The woman insisted he go to her room but politely refused.

The surprise photo

One Thursday the couple communicated as usual. They talked about their plans for the week, what they ate and what they did over the weekend when they finally met again. Thomas was very busy talking and when he wrote to his wife if he wanted to see her again she sent him a surprise photo.

Selfie o no?

It looked like a photo, like so many others of her sitting on the sofa. Iris was as beautiful as ever and at first she was delighted to see her wife’s smile, then Thomas, looking carefully at the photo, realized that this sofa was not their home, but was standing at the bar and was out there. the sun. He was a little nervous and didn’t expect it.

The photo summed up by itself

Thomas noticed something on the edge of the painting, some details that made him think. Iris wanted to be more relaxed and beautiful than ever in her husband’s eyes, but when she sent the photo she forgot something. Thomas’s feelings for her were changing and a thousand questions swirled in his mind. What happened to their perfect marriage?

The particular

In the photo, Thomas saw a detail. Looking closely at his wife’s hands, he noticed that Iris had replaced the ring with another. She was tanned and to hide the tan on her left ring finger she decided to hide it with another ring because of the wedding band. At this point, he realizes that his wife is leading a double life. Maybe it’s time to file for a divorce.

Upside down

It’s funny how things can change quickly. They just had a good conversation, talked about their days, and shared photos, and now nothing seemed to make sense anymore. What was the truth? Because? Could it be that he never noticed anything? These were the questions Thomas asked himself after receiving the photo of his Iris.

Double life

Iris was leading a double life, couldn’t stand loneliness and couldn’t stand the distance that existed with her husband. Thomas’s distance seemed almost too far. He felt the need for affection and human warmth. She had a different man and tried very hard to hide her lover’s existence, but this time she wasn’t careful.

The refusal of forgiveness

Thomas felt too confused and unstable to consider forgiving his wife, it’s hard to overcome the belief that the person you love and who writes to you every day does so by spending time with another man, so he immediately filed for divorce. Also, the thought of having been cheated on for a long time and not having noticed anything unsettled him a bit.

The shock

A few months after the divorce, Thomas booked a trip to the city to leave it all behind. He needed a change of scenery and a look at things other than the daily routine. Even on the go, he never forgot to check his work emails. One day, while he was at the bar, he looked up and something unexpected appeared in front of his disbelief. It was almost a shock.

A good decision

The city Thomas has chosen is the city he never went to with his ex-wife Iris. She chose this one because she didn’t want to risk the streets and the city by recalling sweet memories of her broken marriage. He wanted to break away from the routine and everything his wife remembered. He wanted to be alone and going to a place that was unrelated to his previous life was an excellent choice.


A young woman walked into the bar where Thomas was, sipping the drink she had just ordered. It was a very cozy and pleasant bar and when he saw this bar on the street he decided it would be the right place to spend the evening; When he saw the woman, he realized he knew her! Her name was Angel and she was a very important childhood friend. He decided to get closer.

The meeting

Thomas has never been to this city and has never visited this place before. The days were very monotonous, but the nights were lively and beautiful. There were plenty of places to play and the locals were nice and kind, ready to chat on chill evenings. He would never have imagined meeting an old friend. One thing was certain, she wanted to know how her dear friend’s life had changed over the years.

The first love

They both had a little romance during their high school years. It was a youthful love for those who are fondly remembered. They spent a lot of time together learning and talking and had their first experiences together. During her senior year of high school, Angel’s parenting job forced her to go abroad. Thomas still had Iris and that photo on his head, but he still decided to have fun.

Heart pounding

Thomas was a very shy boy and was always embarrassed to approach a woman, but he took courage and approached her, hoping that Angel would recognize him. The woman was alone in the bar, it was the right time to come. When he approaches her, he smiles at her and she will recognize him immediately! He hadn’t forgotten it and smiled happily as soon as he realized he was there. Destiny always offers many surprises.

Times gone by now

They started a great conversation about the old days over a drink. It turned out he was in that bar because he wanted a drink after he finished work. They took the opportunity to make up for lost time. Hearing about the divorce, she was surprised and her first thought was to reunite with Thomas and hoped she would be with him again.

A jump into the past

They had a great time talking about their past, remembering going out together, parties and carefree high school years. For a moment she forgot the last few months between the divorce and the breakup of the marriage. They talked until the bar closed. Then Angel asked Thomas for something special in front of the bar, and at first he was blown away.

The new life

Angel was very happy to see him again and her heart was beating like it was when she was 16 and she starts looking him in the eye to get courage and give a hint. She looked at him for a long time and asked him if he would like to have a last drink at his house. After a first hesitation, he accepts and they walk hand in hand. It was a nice way to end the evening and start a new chapter for two reunited lovers.