What Really Happened on the Titanic?

The true story of the Titanic

The Titanic is undoubtedly the most famous ship in the world, as we all know it was sunk after an accident with an iceberg in the 20th century.
Famous American director James Cameron (James Cameron) started shooting the film “Titanic” in 1997. The film was an instant success and, thanks to its success, it made known to the world the story of the great ship in which many died. passengers. The film shows the changes of this ship from the 1980s to the 1990s.

The Royal Cruise Line (RMS) Titanic was created by the British company White Star on May 31, 1911. The purpose of the creation of this ship is to face competition that exceeds the White Star’s speed and tonnage records.

Robert Ballard

In 1985, Robert Ballard discovered the wreck of the RMS, also known as the Titanic. After his death, no one was able to find any remains or relics that suggested where they could be found. But thanks to the underwater camera, Robert Ballard was able to find the remains and pinpoint their location. This discovery made the world aware of the great drama that took place.

Ship propeller

The cameras that allowed the discovery of the remains of the Argo Titanic have identified different parts of the ship. For example, Argo determines the position of the prop that belongs to the starboard side. The side propeller of the Titanic is 7 meters wide and is 5 meters wide near the central propeller. Below is a photo of the remains.

A powerful ship

The height of the Titanic is 270 meters: this height exceeds the height of most buildings of the time. No one had designed such a ship before this ship. The engineers of the time would never have thought that a boat of this size, stable and safe, could be built. Although “Titanic” was studied in detail, it was still shipwrecked despite this. But this is not a ship like other ships, it was actually designed by talented people.

The passengers of the Titanic made history

The Harders are newlyweds, they choose to spend their honeymoon on the boat. After the accident only his wife survived, but unfortunately the husband was not spared. People like them have experienced the drama and made history at the same time. Bernie Palmer is a photographer who once captured moments on passenger ships. Her photos sold for $ 10 – if you know their value years later, that’s fine.

Titanic and Olympic

Perhaps not everyone knows that the Titanic has twins! Yes, the sister ship was built together with the Titanic. It’s called Olympic and it’s one of the biggest ships ever. Its size is too large to fit into the door because it is too small to fit. To build these two huge ships, the shipping company built a huge port to house these two ships. The airport was called The Big Crane and he paid $ 150,000 to open it.

Stern and rudder

There are many parts on the ship, of which two are very important: the stern and the rudder. For the less experienced, the stern is the stern, located in front of the bow. In the stern area there is the wheelhouse system, beams and rudder stock. The rudder on the other hand is a vertical wing that protrudes from the stern and is essential because it can guide and adjust the direction during movement. The RMS weighs 9 tons.

A magnificent ship

When the Titanic spacecraft was shipped to the port, its enormous size immediately attracted everyone’s attention and its size was even much larger than other ships. Due to the weight and size of the ship, the transport ship is complicated. You may wonder how they managed to transport it to the port. Well, it only took 62 seconds to change 23 tons of lubricants, including mineral oil, soap and animal fat.

You run such a big ship

The design involves great attention and various complex challenges, which must be overcome until the construction of the ship in question is completed. Not only that: in fact, manipulating, manipulating and parking is a difficult task. The Titanic left the port of Belfast with the help of five tugs. After arduous sailing and navigation activities, this historic ship finally departed.

Well equipped ship

But in addition to the passengers there are the crew members. It consists of 700 members, all carefully selected based on their previous experience. Among these we still remember Edward J. Smith: In the photo there is a man with a white beard in the center of the photo. Edward J. Smith is the ship’s captain. This is said to be his last job before retirement.

The captain responsible?

Edward John Smith is the commander of the White Stars and the captain of the Titanic. Unfortunately, after the trip, there are a lot of different stories about his last words and deeds, but obviously he’s not like a hero. In fact, he was accused of causing the accident. People think it is responsible because the speed of this ship could be very high.

Edward: Captain

The charges against Captain Edward John Smith are numerous. People want at all costs to find the culprit, who is better than the one in charge of running the ship? The captain was accused of ignoring the speed of the Titanic. But it turns out he’s been drinking, so he’s not completely sober.

Beginning of the end

The carefully designed structure puts into practice a variety of physical formulas to keep the ship afloat. Thanks to physics, heavy structures like the Titanic can float on water without sinking. So what is the real cause of the shipwreck? The reason was an iceberg which, after colliding with the ship, ripped apart the sides of the ship and pierced five airtight chambers that were supposed to float.


The promenade deck is the main deck of the ship, directly above the upper deck. The promenade deck is intended for general use and is ignored by the 4 cabins with a private 15 meter walk. These cottages are the most expensive of all cottages and are called Le Parole Suites. The most expensive is $ 4,000.

There are also suites

There are 350 standard single cabins on the ship which are first class. However, there are 39 other suites, each with a private bathroom, enjoy the level and have all the comforts of a hotel room. There is also a French-style walk-in closet in some suites.


But what is “Titanic” driving? The ship has coal-fired engines, so it must be coal-fired. The ship has 6,000 tons of fuel in stock, which should be enough for the first voyage that represents the inauguration. During the journey, 690 tons are consumed every day. But how does coal fit into the engine? Thanks for the hard working workers.


There are many places on the ship. We have already mentioned some of them, but we have not mentioned a very important part: the communication room. The communication room is managed by Marconi, who has developed a remote telecommunications system using radio waves. The operator in charge of this room is a Marconi employee, not a member of the crew.


There are 20 lifeboats in the Titanic spacecraft, each of which is located on one of the decks. The lifeboat can accommodate 1,200 passengers, only half of the passengers on board. In fact, there are at least 2,500 people on the Titanic, including crew and passengers. But the ship’s designers never thought the lifeboat could really help

The Carpathia

But after a tragic collision with the iceberg, only 700 people were saved. The Carpathia successfully rescued 700 people who were in danger of death due to hypothermia and pressure in the middle of the ocean. The Carpathia crew provided warm clothing, food, water and help to the 700 passengers they managed to rescue.

Inhuman situation

Several existing photos describe the moment of escape from the Titanic on a lifeboat. Unfortunately, the lifeboats were not fully utilized because the crew was concerned that the lifeboats could not support everyone’s weight. Therefore, they would prefer to leave half empty, thus saving fewer people. But it’s easy to judge, what are we going to do with it?

Ransom ship

The Carpathia were immediately informed of the Titanic tragedy and managed to rescue them and save as many people as possible. In a short time, the Carpathia sailors reached the Titanic and saved only 700 passengers, but they did a difficult task. The tragedy of the people of the Titanic is unimaginable.

The arrival of the Carpathia

Realizing the impending tragedy, the Titanic managed to call the Carpathia to avoid hibernating death. Only two hours later, the ship arrived, so whoever managed to board the lifeboat had to wait for that weather to freeze. There will be room for other passengers but, as previously mentioned, they will not have the maximum capacity.

Pier 54

Upon safely arriving at Pier 54 in New York City, the passengers left the abandoned lifeboat by the sea. Pier 54 belongs to White Star, the transport company that built “Titanic” and “Olympic”. The arrival of the surviving passengers was an unforgettable moment. Nobody can believe it.

Activities on board

But how do passengers on the Titanic spend their time? Passengers are particularly wealthy and can find various pastimes, such as swimming pools, squash courts, Turkish baths and gyms. The Titanic and the Olympic were the first ocean liners with pools on board, which was great news for people at the time.

Luck problem

But what happened to the iceberg that caused the Titanic to crash? He stood still. Yes, it remained intact after the battle. The only sign he reported was the appearance of two black streaks due to the rubbing of the paint on the boat. It is said that if the Titanic collides head-on instead of sideways, it will not sink.


There is a beautiful and impressive staircase inside the Titanic. The French inlays are embroidered on the stairs and the smallest details are taken care of with care. In the film made by James Cameron, the stairs were copied and copied in his film. There are games similar to the Olympics. Pictured below is an Olympic photo.

After the shipwreck

There are photos and pictures of stairs after the accident. To be honest, what’s left of the stairs. In James Cameron’s film, one of the scenes is that the ladder breaks and is washed away by water. This could be the case. The image below shows the stairs after the shipwreck.

The first object found

Robert Ballard not only found the wreck of the ship, but also a boiler that could belong to the Titanic. It was later discovered that it was indeed a wrecked ship. Robert had no doubts: he continued to explore the sea with the Argo camera.

How did the complete destruction of the ship happen?

After the shipwreck incident, various scholars decided to work together to understand how the ship crashed and how it was completely destroyed. Before the discovery of the actual shipwreck, many scholars believed that the hull broke in half before sinking. This hypothesis was confirmed after the stern and rudder were found within a mile of each other.

A bathtub

The captain had the most luxurious cabin on the ship and was equipped with a real bathtub, which was an incredible luxury at the time. After the shipwreck, it turned out that the porcelain jars were all full. They put them together little by little, which means understanding the true progress of things.

The Big Crane

The slipway where the Titanic was built was called the Great Crane. The port was located in Harland and Wolff, and 11,000 workers worked there to complete the ship’s construction work. The fate that was already inherent in the physical components of the Titanic was tragic and unpredictable.

Tied anchor

There are three anchors weighing 10 tons on board. It turned out that one of the three anchors was still in its starting position, obviously they didn’t have enough strength or material time to use it and throw it away. We cannot know exactly what the passengers and crew of the ship went through. In a short period of time, they have lost everything: feelings, wealth and many of them and even lives.

Jack Dawson

Jack Dawson was one of the passengers on the Titanic. It is said that he entered the second class ticket by mistake and was inspired by Emilio Portaluppi. It is said that he was invited by Astors, a wealthy family of the time, and fell in love with Mr. Astor’s daughter, Madeleine. Unfortunately we will never know the truth.

The real Rose

Madeleine Talmage Astore is the wife of John Jacob Astor IV (John Jacob Astor IV) and a business woman. Some people would think she was one of the directors of Ross’s “Titanic” movie. Nobody really knows what it has to do with the real Jack Dawson (Emilio Portaluppi). Let’s imagine a beautiful couple and a passionate and intense love story.

John Jacob Astor

John Jacob Astor IV was the richest man who died on the Titanic. At the beginning of the 1900s he was one of the richest people in the world: a businessman, he was very satisfied with his satisfaction and wealth. John Astor and his wife boarded the “Titanic” for one simple reason: Madeleine was pregnant and everyone wanted her to be born in the United States. In fact, the Titanic was in the United States of America.

The newspaper publishes facts about the Titanic

After the tragedy, newspapers began to guess and report news in various places and wrote stories to find out the details of the progress. When John Astor IV died, he had 87 million dollars and was one of the richest people in the world. But the dollar of that era is not the same as the dollar of today: the 87 million dollars of that era, in fact, is equivalent to the 2.16 dollars of today.

Menu of April 14, 1912

In addition to the shipwreck, the restaurant menu on the ship was also found, showing us what passengers had eaten on the Titanic in the past. These meals are rich in meat, fish, finger food and many other specialties. The menu from April 14, 1912 was found along with other items after the shipwreck. This could be the last meal.

Bow photo

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has launched a mission to recover items related to the ship so that it can be studied for its deterioration. Scholars and scientists start to work and look for any evidence they can find. In the depths, they found that the bow of the ship had been destroyed and deteriorated. An image depicting an arch was found here.

A list

A photo of first-class passengers was also found, including some crew members and wealthy families. Passengers belonging to the elite class are full members of Astor and Alison House and always carry maids and nurses with them. This is what the richest families can afford.

Devastating story

Now, the sinking of the Titanic has appeared in all the newspapers and there are many stories about the construction of the ship and all its destruction. The collision with the iceberg took many lives. Upon hearing the news, the relatives and friends of the Titanic passengers went to Pier 54 in New York, waiting for the lifeboat and anyone who could board the lifeboat. The tragedy of the Titanic and all the people who boarded the ship and never returned to land.