Woodstock – the most famous photos remembered from history

In the summer of 1969, three days of music, peace and love, celebrated on a farmer’s land in Bethel, New York, proved to be the most iconic musical event ever. Yes, this is Woodstock, a defining moment in music history that began on August 15, 1969. 32 iconic bands, more than 400,000 enthusiastic spectators, traffic jams, psychedelic trucks, bohemian and hippie fashion, rain, sun and lots of peace and love: this is Woodstock changed everything, both the life of the people of the time and also changed the lives of all of us.

1. Arts and Crafts

This festival is a place where young people can express their creativity and express themselves through music and art, just like this Bohemian woman wearing a leather jacket, veil and bracelet. She was sitting on the grass weaving a leather curtain. Maybe he distributed it to other festival attendees or sold some of them. In any case, his style was perfectly in line with the Woodstock spirit.

2. Bubbles of Peace

In the photo, Jackie Barg, a girl sitting on the floor, shooting soap bubbles into the crowd while enjoying the moment. Waiting for the next artist to perform on stage.

3. Sharing of Food

This extremely rare photo shows this young woman cooking for others in the Woodstock community. Unfortunately, as the number of people who showed up in Woodstock far exceeded the expected number, there was a severe food shortage. Many people don’t want to lose their standing in nature, nor do they want to walk through crowds in search of food, so they set up free stalls and gather to feed everyone.

4. The Nap

Like this woman, many people were too hot to sleep in tents, so they slept on motorcycles or cars. The lucky ones built tents and temporary shelters, but when there was no more space, the others were forced to reach their vans and cars to go to the hotel. When crowds blocked the road, some people even had to stay in their cars.

5. Unleash with Jimi Hendrix

This sign is actually the latest artist to perform at the festival in front of 30,000 spectators, as many music fans have already returned home due to the rain. Those who can’t wait for Hendrix to perform with his new bands Gypsy Sun and Rainbows for two hours must be glad they waited as it was a defining moment in 1960s history. Hendricks may be the last time he performs at a festival, but he’s also the highest paid person, with his $ 18,000 performance income.

6. Wrapped in love

Now, aged 69, Bobbi Kelly and her boyfriend Nick Ercoline are making headlines about Woodstock wrapped in a blanket at dawn. The image represents the love, peace and individuality of all during the three days of celebration. Such strong love made them marry and have two children. Universal Photography’s Burk Uzzle took this photo, but the couple didn’t notice.

7. Blow your hair however you want

As Joni Mitchell said: “Woodstock is a beautiful spark where half a million children see them as part of a large community.” In the photo, two women Dancing and swaying to the beat of the music is simply hair loss. At the music festival, I photographed peace, love and tolerance from all angles. People in attendance believe that music can change the world and the hippie movement is not limited to cumbua and daisies.

8. The Pearl, Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin wore a colorful and psychedelic dress on the second day of the Woodstock performance. She only discovered the festival a few days ago, but luckily she discovered it in time and was one of the biggest stars performing there. Janis Joplin didn’t know how big the festival was and told her band it was just going to be a concert. But when she arrived in Woodstock by helicopter with her band and pregnant Joan Baez, she realized the importance of the festival. It remained there until the end.

9. Gypsy Spirit

These people believe that, with the help of the tarot and psychic books, love is the only religious believer needed to achieve world peace. Here we see a woman in a paisley boho dress, reading from another girl’s palm, with a stack of tarot cards on the deck. He must have learned some good news from the smile on his face.

10. Famous people in the center of the crowd

Veruschka was very popular in the 1960s. She was known when she was 20 when she was studying art in Florence, where she was discovered by the photographer Ugo Mulas. Here, we saw the model dancing to music and having fun in Woodstock.

11. Flower children

This photo of a charming happy dancer pays tribute to the fun Woodstock brings to everyone at this iconic music festival. Imagine the memories he must have on the weekend! There are not only many children in the carnival crowd, but some are even the birth of this historic event. Woodstock has recorded two births, one of which got stuck in a car while on vacation, and the other was in the hospital after her mother took a direct helicopter flight.

12. The success of the tie-dye

Therefore, it is not surprising that psychedelic costumes are common in Woodstock. At music festivals, this colorful fashion choice is all the rage, with many stands selling different types of designs and items. If you’re not wearing a rainbow patterned shirt, you’re not part of the community!

13. Follow the Groovy Way

We love the beautiful signs hanging from the trees and hope to keep them at home! It’s safe to say that we will meet people wearing African-style, long-sleeved jeans. This fashion has continued into the next disco era and the sweet path is for those spiritual masters who love yoga. Namaste!

14. The star and the Groupie

Just as listeners love music, so do other artists. Grace Slick told Rolling Stone magazine about her time in Woodstock and said she remembered taking a helicopter to the festival because the streets were too crowded. It wasn’t until the second day of the Jefferson air show that he remembered smoking and drinking with Sally Mann and other band members.

15. Instruments, life and music

Festival lovers enjoy music and rock music activities for three consecutive days, there is true brotherly love, so there is a pause between each performance and they play. In the photo, a lady plays the rhythm of the flute with the flute. You can see the strong enthusiasm in the drummer’s eyes and everyone around him shares this enthusiasm.

16. Take note

Tim Hardin played the hit song “If I’m a Carpenter” alone on his first day in Woodstock, and other songs he sang with his band. Tim Hardin was awarded a $ 2,000 award for his outstanding performance, which isn’t as many as other artists attending the festival. This epic photo caught her eye, but it didn’t make it to the stage. Spend time taking notes, perhaps composing music and lyrics. He seems to be really deep in his thoughts, no doubt!

17. The Queen of Bohemia

This photo shows all the beauty of accessories from head to toe. With her wide hat, hairstyle, bold sequined makeup and oversized beaded jewelry, this woman represents freedom of expression and individualism. Just like music, fashion and art are important in Woodstock.

18. Dancing in the rain

With Rain Dance, you will have a full program of the festival. The group performed the tribal rain dance, which was obviously effective because intermittent thunderstorms fell on the party, interrupting the hot August sun and creating a very muddy atmosphere. Hippies don’t care too much!

19. A muddy case

We saw the couple do some teamwork, trying to squeeze the water out of the wet blanket. As you can imagine, no one slept much in Woodstock. The rain caused a lot of mud baths and grime, but that didn’t stop 32 artists from performing in front of an enthusiastic audience. Rain or shine, the crowd didn’t seem to care about the mud. Many hippies took off their shoes and walked barefoot in the muddy ground. However, some people have designed it with raincoats, umbrellas, and plastic sheeting.

20. Love, only love

Music festival organizers feared that hippies and heavy metal concerts would cause violence, but this type of musical activity has not continued. For three consecutive days, all Woodstock could hear was brotherly friendship, peace, happiness and freedom. Watching the crowd clap their hands in the air and slap the music, a bright smile appeared on their faces. We can feel the emotion of this photo.

21. Rotate the daisies

The atmosphere at that music festival was very lively and everyone said they had never tried it again. The Doors and other famous bands have either regretted their refusal to invite or failed to come to Woodstock forever.

22. Pioneers of fashion

Most women have long hair with a parting in the middle, sometimes with bangs, while men prefer Africa or a long beard. The celebration of the holiday exudes a sense of artistic freedom by wearing a stylish all-black look and carefully selected leather accessories such as belts and bracelets. Woodstock is an opportunity for everyone to show their style, sometimes even with suspicious trends like nudity.

23. Psychedelic van

Whether it’s planned or not, it sounds interesting. Indeed, the hallmark of this pivotal moment in popular music history is the way audiences camp in brightly colored vans. Due to the large number of participants and Woodstock (Woodstock) ended up spending only 4 days instead of 3 days, they were unable to travel.

24. The perfect couple

This beautiful photo, a distracted couple posing for a souvenir, shows how worthy every moment of the festival is. Does a Bohemian blonde look at an airplane, enjoy the weather or look at a psychedelic airplane in the sky? We will never know, but we really like the jute clothes she wears and her partner’s African hairstyle.

25. One big happy family

Listening to music on the lawn is a crowd favorite pastime at outdoor festivals. This photo was taken by Rolling Stone magazine photographer Baron Wolman. The Rolling Stones are one of the only media with official and unlimited access to the festival. Everyone loves this magazine, so they allow Baron Wolman to take pictures, just like this woman is making a peace sign.

26. The celestial sound

He spoke to nearly half a million people with very moving and powerful messages. “Dear brothers and sisters, we can feel the vibration. Music is the sound of the sky, it is the sound that controls the entire universe, not the vibration of atoms. The sound energy, the power of sound is much greater than any other power in this world. Also, One thing I want everyone to remember is that with a sound we can make a sound and break it at the same time, “he said with a smile.

27. The faces behind the magic

Woodstock was held at Max Yasgur’s 240-acre farm in the Catskill Mountains of New York State.

His farm was located near White Lake in Bethel, 70km from the town of Woodstock. However, the festival was named Woodstock because the group of investors backing the concert was called Woodstock Ventures. Max Yasgur was a gentle farmer, the son of Russian Jewish immigrants, who donated his farm to the festival organizers. During the festival, he even took the stage to greet the crowd. Many of his neighbors scolded him for hosting the festival and he was no longer welcome in the city. Unfortunately, he died only four years after Woodstock at the age of 53 and became one of the few non-musicians to appear on a full page of Rolling Stones magazine.

28. A nice photo

They seem to have posed for a photo in front of the tent they built for the weekend, happy and ready to meet Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Santana, Joan Baez and many other legends. We really like the choice of clothes for this woman. The colors she chose match perfectly with Woodstock’s Christmas mood. Speaking of fashion, I have a fun fact for you: if you wore all the striped t-shirts and jeans that festival goers wore, it would be nearly 10 million meters.

29. Morning Yoga

Judging by some poses, these people were very in tune with nature! Przystanek Woodstock was a feast of spirit, soul, and body, and yoga fit perfectly with the principles of this thinking trend. This photo makes us want to meditate or even go back to this beautiful moment in our imagination.

30. Milk, please

On the way to the party, some of them decided to quench their thirst with fresh cow’s milk. This scene turned into a real show where other people gathered on the side of the road to see the people milking the cows. We have no doubt that they shared their fresh produce with all spectators and festival attendees.

31. Lonely dreamers

Some even jumped on the roofs of moving cars just to get to what has become a unique rock festival in the world. Here’s a man playing guitar to serenade his disappointed girlfriend with her rock and roll music as they miss a concert due to the crowded streets. At least he was trying to give her his version of what he thought would be at the festival.

32. Festival (for the most part) free

Before the festival, the organizers managed to sell 100,000 tickets, which means that over 300,000 people showed up without tickets. The late move did not give the organizers enough time to cope with the influx of people. Tens of thousands of people started arriving two days before the music festival started and crossing the fences. The organizers have finally decided to do the concert for free. And to think that all this happened in a small dairy!

33. Peace & Love

This photo of a woman enjoying music and waving peace signs in Woodstock illustrates the camaraderie everyone has experienced at this amazing music festival. People came to Woodstock not only for the music, but also for the good vibes of peace and community present at this popular event.

34. Flight over a cuckoo’s nest

This hippie probably wanted a break from the Woodstock festival and went to Max Yasgur’s farm to check out the chicks in the chicken coop. Judging by the expression on her face, she gazed with pleasure at the cute chicks.

35. Give me a smile

It is also quite close to the stage, which makes viewing this photo even more enjoyable. People flocked to what was supposed to be the most iconic music festival of the 1960s, but it has become one of the most unforgettable events ever. It was an event that celebrates individuality, music, art, fashion and free speech.

36. Peaceful demonstrations

Most of those present belonged to the hippie movement opposed to the Vietnam War, and some artists repeated this view in their anti-war speeches. Unlike many other music concerts of the time, Woodstock did not suffer any physical arguments or violence when it came to demonstrating for the cause. This animal lover didn’t bother anyone in the crowd.

37. In their element

Many spectators have come not only to enjoy the concerts, but also to play their instruments, to have fun and entertain others around them. The spirit of this music festival was to promote love, peace and rock and roll, so many of the people who attended were able to sit all weekend playing their instruments, enjoying the beautiful surroundings. .

38. An unforgettable weekend

Everyone seemed to be at home in the forest. Needless to say, these people would have stayed all weekend with their clothes hanging from the trees. Woodstock hippies loved nature, so most of them looked very happy sitting on the ground in the mud.

39. A different perspective

Now he just wanted the best view of Woodstock and decided to resume reading during the break between two musical performances. Are you wondering how he got there ?! Also, the fact that he managed to keep his balance without falling is completely insane. This kind of phenomenon and this eccentric situation were quite common in Woodstock.

40. The slam

Surfing through crowds and throwing yourself into the air on a piece of cloth are some of the favorite pastimes of this epic music festival. The woman’s expression says it all: she is a little scared, but she likes it at the same time. When people weren’t resting on the grass and in the woods, they enjoyed themselves in the crowd in front of the stage.

41. Dancing in the rain

Hippies are not particularly people looking for luxury and comfort, so many of them have taken off their shoes and found themselves barefoot in the mud. Everyone in the photo looks very happy despite the gloomy weather and muddy puddles. Fortunately for them, there were also periods of lightning and heat to celebrate.

42. An obstacle course

These men in the audience wanted a better view of the stage, so they decided to take a chance and sit on the stage. Woodstock attendees were very lucky not to receive any reports of violence or security incidents. Of the 400,000 participants, only two died. One person died of an overdose while another was accidentally hit by a tractor while sleeping in a sleeping bag in a nearby field.

43. Medical Assistance

More than 45 doctors were present, receiving no compensation for their work. They appreciated what the festival represented and decided to come and help. Over the weekend, the festival became the third largest city in New York State, but due to a lack of essential facilities, New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller declared Woodstock a disaster area. The Department of Health recorded 5,162 medical cases, including four miscarriages. However, Time Magazine called it “the greatest peace event in history”.